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  • Smart TV
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  • 3 Days free trial (No Credit Card)

  • Static IP Servers

  • Easy Installation

  • Protect 5 devices by one subscription

  • Privacy Protection & Ads , Malware Blocking

  • Split Tunneling & Kill Switch

  • 457 servers from +53 Server Countries

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Server Locations List

Over 367 Servers from 53 countries

Providing servers from the best data centers with unlimited speed and bandwidth

  • $iso3 Armenia
  • $iso3 Finland
  • $iso3 France
  • $iso3 Italy
  • $iso3 Netherlands
  • $iso3 United Kingdom
  • $iso3 Russia
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45 Days money back guarantee

The purchased subscription may not satisfy you in any situations, we have considered terms that can protect your rights as a buyer and make our services trustable !

The terms of refund

Why ChitaVPN ?

Unlimited Access

Some websites and applications are using geo-restrictions, bypass restrictions by ChitaVPN.

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High Stability & Quality

Dont worry about your low network quality , Stay connected everywhere you are by modren and new protocols

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Enjoy every games

Say goodbye to packet losts and laggs . play any online games on every consoles and devices.

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Encryption and Security

Using a good encryption makes your online activities more secure in the internet.

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Respect your online privacy

Keep your online privacy safe and protected. ChitaVpn won't track or log anything about you.

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Fast Like a Cheetah

You Internet speed depends on disctance between you and server. ChitaVpn provides the best connection speeds possible for you.

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FAQ and online support

Answering FAQ and providing solutions

In order to make it easier to use our services before and after the purchase, we made a list of the common questions and their solutions also, you can access all of them in search the frequently asked questions page and get your answer .

Search question Online Support

How many countries and servers can i use by my subscription? can i see them before paying?

Answer :

We provide +363 servers over 53 countries, by a subsrciption you can use them all. See all locations & servers here before paying.

How many devices can I use with my subscription? Is there any difference between plans? can i use it on every platforms ?

Answer :

You can connect 5 devices (simultaneously) by one chitavpn account.

There is no difference between plans in terms of access , speed and quality . the only difference is the duration (number of months) .

According to the tutorials , you can use our services on every platforms.

What can I do with VPN ? Does ChitaVPN provide static IP servers?

Answer :

For all matters,including exchanges (cryptocurrency, trade,international money transfer, etc.) , bypass geo-restrictions (access to all Google services, Apple services, Amazon services, Freelancer platforms, Social Networks, Applications such as Figma, Adobe products , Spotify, Netflix etc. Ads and Malware Blocking , Increase the quality and stablity of your network.
Secure your identity and protect your privacy in the internet. Explore in the digital world anonymously.

Yes we provide Static IP Servers too.

How can i check server's speed and quality ? Which protocol is faster ? Does a VPN decrease connection speed ?

Answer :

Your Speed depends on the distance of you and the destination server and your internet quality. There is some parameters that define your internet quality, visit "Network Quality Check" to check them.

Some protocols are better for speed and some provide more security. Read More

No , it depends on your internet quality and vpn servers.

Whats ChitaVpn features? How can I install ChitaVpn on my devices?

Answer :

kill switch, split tunneling ,IP and DNS leak protection, Ads and Malware Blocking, Servers ping status , Manual setup (Rare Devices) , Organized servers based on special usages , Manage active devices , Variation of protocols , Network Usage stats etc.

Dont worry , our applications are easy to install and use (Installation Guides).

List of questions and answers